About me

I’m a M.S. student at UC Berkeley working on making interaction between robots and people more intuitive and scalable. I’ve worked as a SWE Intern @ Intuit, Data Engineering Intern @ SpaceX, and a Autonomous Vehicles Perception Intern @ NVIDIA. I’ve had the privilege of being part of various student groups while at Berkeley:

In my free time, I do origami and hack things together. I’m a huge fan of cats (especially Pusheen), books (especially those by Haruki Murakami), and alternative music (especially that of Radiohead).

Academic Summary

I worked under Anca Dragan as part of the InterACT Lab on quantifying the benefits of explicitly modeling humans in an autonomous vehicles context. Our work was published in HRI 2019.

Currently, I am working with Professors Dragan and Sergey Levine on allowing one person to supervise and provide corrections to a fleet of learning robots.